Orthodontic Insurance

Orthodontic insurance helps make orthodontic procedures like braces affordable. With the right coverage and insurance plans your family will have full benefits, can afford all orthodontic treatments, and will have the best dental health possible.

Ready to discover what care and savings you can have? Keep reading to see what discount dental plans are available in your area.

Here we will explain the difference between dental insurance and orthodontic insurance, the importance of dental care – and most importantly how you will be saving money while still getting the best coverage with orthodontic discount programs.

What is orthodontic insurance?

Dental insurance that provides orthodontic care is insurance that covers the costs of procedures performed on your teeth and gums by an orthodontist. Your policy may also cover work done by a dentist. But for most people orthodontic care covers things like braces or gum surgery.

These types of insurance plans work like other kinds of insurance. You’ll have to pay monthly or annual premiums. The actual amount depends on what orthodontic insurance policy you have (see a comparison of popular discount programs here). In exchange the insurance providers cover a portion of your expenses.

Some of the best orthodontic dental insurance plans can cover over half of the total cost. Or they can provide you with orthodontic coverage at a significant discount.

With the right plan you can save thousands of dollars on dental procedures like braces, Invisalign, and surgery. Click here to see what kind of savings YOU can get.

Will my existing dental insurance give me coverage?

For many people their existing dental insurance plan will not cover orthodontic treatment.

This can be a real surprise – especially when a member of your family needs to get braces.

Or, in some cases, your existing dental plan will have an extremely low level of coverage. This is fine for routine dental health but is not adequate to deal with the thousands of dollars that orthodontics can cost.

If you are needing procedures like X-rays, orthodontist checkups, retainers, Invisalign, and braces, the right coverage will simply come from a dedicated orthodontic insurance plan. Click here to see what discounts and coverage are available in your area.

What orthodontic procedures get coverage?

The most common orthodontic procedure is getting braces. So naturally, every orthodontic insurance plan and discount dental coverage plan will provide coverage for this.

There are many other orthodontic procedures and equipment possible though. Because orthodontics aims to correct teeth and jaws the doctor can accomplish this with many different methods. Some of these include functional appliances and retainers.

Another expensive part of having good orthodontic care are the routine checkups, office visits, and X-rays. The good news is that many insurance and discount plans provide good coverage on these treatments.

Just keep in mind the actual amount of coverage is going to depend on what kind of policy or discount plan you sign up for. This is why we recommend you compare your options online so you can have the best coverage you and your family deserve.

4 reasons to get dental and orthodontic insurance coverage

1. Financial savings
The average set of braces in the United States costs over $3,500. This price goes up every year as well.

This figure does not include any other dental procedures that may need while you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment.

But when you sign up for the right insurance for discount plan the cost can be significantly reduced. Sometimes the policy will save you thousands of dollars. And with some plans costing as little as an $85 investment, you’ll easily be saving money as you get procedures done with full coverage.

2. You get immediate coverage for braces
Another benefit of orthodontic insurance plans to is that you and your family to qualify for immediate coverage. Unlike a traditional HMO or PPO offering health insurance, there is no waiting period.

Many of the discount dental plans offer immediate savings to their members. So if your child needs braces now we can help you find the best policy to provide maximum savings.

After all – when you need health coverage, is always best to get it as soon as possible. Waiting 12 or 18 months can be disastrous for your child’s health. Do not delay. Click here to find the best private orthodontic insurance and discount plans in your area.

3. Promotes good long-term dental health
Studies have shown that people with good dental and periodontal (gum) health have a reduced risk of heart attack and cancer, as well as living longer.

But without a good and affordable orthodontic insurance plan it can be harder to maintain dental hygiene, orthodontic health, and overall fitness levels. So for under $1 a day it is possible for both you and any family members to get the coverage you need to stay healthy for life.

4. Healthy self esteem
Self confidence is an important thing. Many people who need orthodontic care though are scared to smile and their self-esteem drops a a result. This does not have to be the case for your family though.

So with the best orthodontic treatment available, your child can smile again knowing he will not be made fun of. This is why we encourage parents to search our orthodontic insurance providers to find one in your area offering the right policy. Plus, with the right discount plans, you can save thousands of dollars on orthodontic work you know they need anyway.

Orthodontic insurance coverage for braces

As mentioned above, the most common orthodontic procedure is getting braces. More than 3 out 4 people who get braces are children often under the age of 18. Adults also get braces, but most people who needed them already got them as a child.

But no matter when you or your family need braces the biggest thing on your mind will be: can we afford these?

The good news is this – because braces are so common in the orthodontic world, every insurance policy or discount plan you can find will help you pay for them.

The difference in coverage levels does vary from policy to policy though. Because of this we recommend that you purchase a plan that provides the maximum amount of coverage. This ensures that no matter what happens during the six to twenty-four months you’re undergoing orthodontic care, if both your money and your teeth are safe.

When you get braces your orthodontist will be in charge of any surgery, installation, or procedures needed. Because you will be seeing him the most, the plan will offer coverage and benefits for his treatments.