Cheap Orthodontic Insurance

Cheap orthodontic insurance can be a confusing topic. Medical costs are always becoming more expensive. Many families have less money than before. And on top of that all, almost 30% of Americans do no have adequate basic health care insurance.

Combine this with the fact that very few people even bother to get orthodontic treatment, and you have a situation in which many people are lacking in good oral care.

So what are you supposed to do?

There are a few options for finding cheap orthodontic insurance. Unlike traditional health insurance, orthodontic insurance does not last for years or pay for large amounts.

Instead, a cheap orthodontic insurance plan generally falls into two categories. There are other kinds – generally give through work or along with another benefit package – but for now we will just look at the options you can get today.

Cheap Orthodontic Insurance Type #1 – Discount Plans

The first kind are the savings club or group buy discounts. This is not insurance in the traditional sense.

You will sign up for a plan or join the group. Costs might be a flat fee. This is rare though. Most likely you will pay a set amount per month plus a small join fee.

When you go to get braces or need orthodontic work done, the plan will take effect.

It depends on what program you join, but generally the plans have a deal setup with a provider. You will pay much less than if you walked in off the street.

The downside is not all orthodontists have deals with the savings clubs, so you are told where to go

Cheap Orthodontic Insurance Type #2 – Coverage Policies

This is the more traditional idea of insurance – a policy that you pay for each month or year, and it covers a cost of your orthodontic treatment.

Because orthodontic treatment is not the most common medical procedure, many insurance plans have a cap.

The more affordable orthodontic insurance plans have a low cap. It might be a dollar amount or a fixed percentage. It could be 30% of the total cost, it might be $3,000 total. The actual amount depends on your situation and plan.

Why is this? This is because orthodontic insurance is almost only bought by people who need the service. This leaves less room for traditional insurance company profits. So to save money but still give coverage, the low caps are needed.

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