Getting Your Braces Removed

So you’re going to get your braces off. Congratulations!

Matter what your age, young or old, the day you get your braces taken off by your orthodontist is truly a special day. Some people do get a little concerned though. And after all this is understandable. Because many people get braces for at least a year, it might seem a little weird to imagine yourself without them.

Some people are worried that it’s going to hurt to get the braces taken off. Or, if they were getting them for cosmetic reasons, they might be worried about how they will look when they are removed.

Luckily, both of these two problems are really nothing to worry about.

Getting braces removed is a relatively fast and painless procedure. Of course, if you have gotten some invisible orthodontics like Invisalign, there’s nothing to really take off. Your orthodontist will remove each bracket off your tooth. It does not hurt-it is more of a vague tugging sensation as it is removed.

The initial removal though will leave a little bit of the adhesive behind on your teeth. To remove this excessive adhesive your orthodontist will gently smooth it off. It will feel like you’re getting your teeth cleaned just like a normal dental procedure. If you are normally sensitive during a routine cleaning at least this will be over much faster.

But don’t worry if you feel any discomfort. You’ll be done in less than 5 minutes in most cases.

Depending on what orthodontic treatment you needed you may or may not have to wear a retainer after your braces. It really depends on your treatment plan. If you need them, you will either have a final fitting now or at a near point in the future.

For some people their orthodontic journey will end at this point. For other people who might require orthognathic surgery, the braces are just starting point.

But once your braces off will be able to smile without having to show the metal. Finally!

Your orthodontist will also want to a final check up on you. This will probably involve getting some x-rays done as well as another bite mold of your teeth. These final x-rays or more for your orthodontist though than for you. They are mostly done for him to make sure your treatment plan was successful.

But I will be honest with you: it can feel very strange at first once your braces are gone. Without the metal, wiring, or even bands you can smoothly run your tongue all across your teeth again. It’s funny how something as simple as that will feel weird again.

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